Ping Pong Paddle which is the Best?

The best ping pong paddle is typically found by testing out both the ping pong blade and the ping pong rubber of many different types of ping pong materials.

The blade is the wooden handle and flat paddle like part, and the rubber is the rubbery grip part that is glued on the plate.

Both of these parts are equally important and its important to test out a variety of these types of products before you chose the one you want.

One of the best places we have found to investigate ping pong paddles is here ping pong table dimensions.

They have a great article reviewing ping pong paddles, as well as they have many articles explaining how to build a ping pong table and how to play the game in general.

I love ping pong at least as much as I love tattoos and if you get a chance to check out this site I recommend it highly!

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The Hottest Trend in Women’s Tattoos

Tattoos have become very famous over the last few years and everybody is getting them on their bodies nowadays. Every tattoo usually symbolizes something and that is the reason why people get tattoos. I too believe that tattoos add to the beauty of the body and my favorite kind of tattoos are flower tattoos.  Carnation tattoos are one of the most famous ones out there and nearly one out of every 5 women has a flower drawn on some part of their body.

flower tattoo
flower tattoo

As we mentioned earlier that every tattoo symbolizes a specific meaning and so does a flower. Flowers are a part of the reproductive system of plants and that is the reason why flowers are known to symbolize love. This love doesn’t have to be for one specific person or thing but love can be for anything. This symbolism usually differs according to the nature and arrangement of the flower in the tattoo as a single flower might mean something else while a bouquet of flowers might mean something completely different. I for instance prefer the lily flower as it symbolizes my love for my new born child as it is considered to be a symbol of motherhood.

Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

Flowers are found in the nature in a variety of kinds and you can choose the one you believe suits you or what you want. One of the most popular flowers which people usually get tattooed on their body is the Hawaiian flower. The Hawaiian flower is known to symbolize the beauty of the female kind and their beauty and that is the main reason why they are so popular. I too am thinking to get one of these Hawaiian flower tattoos as they are really pretty and would look good on anybody’s body. The Hawaiian flower was give its name because it is the national flower of the island of Hawaii and mostly Hawaiian females get this tattoo to show their love for their island.

Even after deciding which kind of tattoo you want to get, what might be really confusing is to where to get that flower tattooed. However, I have a few favorites that I’m going to share with you. My favorite part of the body for a tattoo is the inner arm, it goes along great with the hindu clothing that I love to wear, exposing my arms. It might be a little hard to hide as you can only hide it with full sleeves but it looks really beautiful and meaningful.

I wish I could learn to tattoo like in this video:

Flower Tattoo Locations

Another sweet spot for a meaningful tattoo is your back shoulder. It is one of the best options as it can be hidden easily however it might cause some pain while sleeping and could make you uncomfortable. The upper back is also a great place for a tattoo as it has great space for large tattoos. The best website I use to view tattoo design ideas is, they have a great post on chest tattoos for men.  Similarly spine is also a great place although it might be a little dangerous but women usually prefer the spine as they believe it looks cute on the spine. Lastly, you can also get a tattoo on your feet however only people with a high threshold for pain are advised to do so and usually women get tiny flower tattoos on their feet as they believe it looks cute and interesting.

To conclude, I’d say that every woman prefers a different type of a flower tattoo according to her desires but what I can assure you is that it is a very rapidly growing industry with more and more women getting these flower tattoos every day.

Checkout what wikipedia has to say about tattos here. Checkout this tattoo font.

Why I love Ping Pong

Why I love ping pong?

Ping pong or Table tennis has become one of the most famous sports being played all over the world and its equipment is also available in nearly all top countries which means it is played nearly everywhere and is considered as a world sport. I started playing ping pong when I was around 10 years old and since then I have loved this game more and more everyday as it is easy to learn and a very fun game that you can play in the comfort of your home.

The main reason why I love to play ping pong is the satisfaction and enjoyment I get from playing a good competitive game and it also help me in socializing. I socialize at and I have made a lot of new friends through ping pong whenever I went to a sports club and started playing table tennis. As I’m really good people often offer to play with me and are get friendly when they have a major common interest with me.

Heres a great video of the top ping pong shots I’ve ever seen! Thanks youtube!

Another reason why I love this game is because of the exciting feeling you get when you perfectly execute a smash or a shot and hits the middle of your blade and the opponent is left shocked. The look on the opponents face gives me immense pleasure thus I tend to play a lot of smashes throughout my game.

Being a professional at ping pong has its own benefits as you could teach the beginners about how to improve their game. The feeling of satisfaction I get when a beginner requests me to teach him some moves is indescribable and it always feels good to be a teacher and train your student according to your style of play. This teaching can also be a career option for me in the future if I get really good with my game and as it’s a very famous game, table tennis coaches tend to earn a lot too.

It also gives me pleasure to watch the professionals play the game I love. Whether it is on the TV or even in real life, it’s always very exciting and something I always look forward to as I always learn some new moves and techniques from my favorite players.

Table tennis has evolved as a worldwide sport over time and different companies all over the word produce quality ping pong equipment and it always feels good to get your hands on some new blades. Everybody is comfortable with a different type of racket and your favorites might change every once in a while every time you use a new racket that impresses you.

My favorite blade is the StigaTitan . It comes with a completely new construction structure and comes with a 2mm inverted rubber sponge, a 5ply extra light blade and an Italian handle. I bought it at bed bath and beyond, you can find a great bed bath and beyond printable 20% off coupon here.  It weighs a surprising 0.35 pounds only and it provides with the extra bit of speed required by the attacking players and also comes with extra power and a great feel in the hand.

Table tennis also brought out the competitive side of me as now I have become pretty competitive and tend to take on challenges quite willingly. The first real tournament I played was when I was 16 and I have just continued to improve over time by losing some and by winning some games. Being good at table tennis can also open a lot of doors of opportunity for you like it happened with me, like apart from just playing table tennis as a professional you have other career opportunities too like you can start a blog and write about ping pong like I do and spread your wisdom all over the world among other ping pong enthusiasts.

Also if you are interested in making a DIY ping pong table try this websiteI go there all the time to check out the new info they have about my favorite hobby!

Or you can check out the wikipedia ping pong page!

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